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The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal by Nick Seluk

I love including nonfiction text into the reading repertoire of my students and my children. The Common Core requires older elementary students to spend at least half of their instructional time in nonfiction text.

The time requirement only grows in number as the student transitions into their secondary education. So why not start this practice off early and get those little ones into some awesome nonfiction texts!

An awesome nonfiction text option for young readers is Nick Seluk’s book, The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal.

What I love about Nick Seluk’s book is that there is some much humor packed into every page of the book. The planets talk to each other and they are bantering back in forth constantly.

Even with the humor, the text remains nonfiction and accurate on all things to do with the sun.

Students will flock to this nonfiction text. While they are absorbed into the humor and fun graphics, they will also be to dive deep into fact-after-fact about the sun, the universe, and all things related to our solar system!

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