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George by Alex Gino

Melissa is in 4th grade. She loves looking at girly magazines that include all things fashion and makeup. Her best friend is the spunky Kelly who is also in her same class at school.

Melissa loves dresses that twirl and recently has fallen in love with the character of Charlotte in the book Charlotte’s Web. Her teacher read the book to her class at school, and now Melissa dreams of playing the role of Charlotte in her classes play version of her new beloved story.

Melissa is a girl. She knows it in her heart. But one problem remains for Melissa. To the rest of the world, she is actually a boy named George.

Alex Gino’s coming-of-age story titled George tells the story of a transgender young girl who is struggling to share her true self with the rest of the world. Within the depths of her heart, she knows she is Melissa, and now she must come up with the right way to stop hiding her true self from the rest of the world.

The story of George/Melissa is a profound story that was absolutely needed in today's world of young adult literature. For the deepest part of my heart, I believe children need to have books where they see characters that look like them, actually like them and are dealing with the same issues and questions that they themselves are dealing with.

This same idea remains absolutely true to the transgender youth of our world. All LGBTQ+ students need to have access to literature that both honors and represents them. Alex Gino’s story, George, was beautifully written and it is a gift to all students to be able to read this book.

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