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The Little Snowplow by Lora Koehler

Watch out, The Little Engine that could. Here comes The Little Snowplow that could!

In a winter-themed story by Lora Koehler, we meet a new little snowplow. He is new to the truck team, and the older, bigger trucks are positive that he will not be able to keep up.

In order to prove himself, the little snowplow exercises and practices every day. He knows the first snow is coming, and he is determined to be ready when the first flakes begin to fall.

The little snowplow's chance to prove himself comes in a massive snowfall one day. Hour-after-hour, the little snowplow works and works to clear the snow.

However, the storm is just too big for one little snowplow.

As they thought, the bigger trucks were called out to help the little snowplow. But don't give up yet, the little snowplow is called the save the day when a rockfall traps one of the bigger trucks. Due to his size, the little snowplow is the only truck that can reach his bigger coworker.

The little snowplow is an adorable winter-themed book. It teaches young readers about hard work, having a strong belief in yourself, and always having the drive to work and help others.

All of these values are so important for children to learn, and I love, love to utilize books to help students to learn about being great people.

The illustrations are so soft, and the perfectly illustrate the story. You and your young readers will fall in low with the little snowplow, and they will cheer him on when he is put to the ultimate test.

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