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Plum: How the Sugar Plum Fairy Got Her Wings by Sean Hayes & Scott Icenogle

It has never been widely known how the Sugar Plum Fairy came to be. But, all that changed when a little girl name Plum took center-stage in a magical, holiday-based story.

Plum is a kind little girl with deep purple hair. She lives in an orphanage with lots of other children. Plum is little, and often the target of the other boys and girls of the home they share. None-the-less, Plum remains kind, gentle, and loving to all who come along her path.

On Christmas Eve, preparations are in full mode as the children work together to prepare for Christmas. It doesn't take long for a mess to happen when the beloved dog accidentally ruins some of the decorations. In order to save her furry friend from getting in trouble, Plum takes the blame, and she is sent to her room.

While in her room, Plum becomes determined to do something kid for all the children in the orphanage despite the fact they are aren't unkind to her. News has quickly spread that a bad snowstorm will likely keep the toy donations from town at bay this year. Plum wishes to still make Christmas special for those around her, so she starts to make holiday gifts for all the children while she serves her time in punishment.

It is while Plum is making the gifts that a familiar magician comes to pay a visit to the orphanage. He leaves a special gift for Plum. It is a delicious treat that Plum instantly enjoys. But soon after, she finds herself as a fairy that is now in a strange new world.

In her new fairy world, Plum remains to true to herself. As she is presented with new situations, Plum continuously does whatever she can to help anybody in need. Eventually, she finds herself helping a man crying. Through her gift of kindness to the man, Plum ends up finding the true happiness that she has always wished for…a family.

Plum is an adorable story that fills in exactly how might the Sugar Plum Fairy have come to exist. It is the first of its kind, and it was one that I thought was wonderfully crafted from beginning-to-end.

The character of Plum is one that any reader will come to love and adore. She is pure, and she represented kindness in the simplest of forms. It is one trait that all readers will love about her, and its one that will cause them to rejoice with Plum as she beings her new life as the famous Sugar Plum Fairy.

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