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The Snowy Nap by Jan Brett

Jan Brett’s wintery tales have always been magical, and The Snowy Nap is a welcomed addition to Jan Brett’s previous novels that we all adore.

This new story has everything that we have come to love from Jan Brett’s stories. There is a heart-warming story, packed with precious characters, and full of breath-taking illustrations.

Without a doubt, readers will know that The Snowy Nap is another on be of Jan Brett’s masterpieces.

The Snowy Nap tells the story of Hedgie, a little hedgehog, that is desperately trying to stay awake to see what winter is like. Hedgie has heard from all the other animals on the farm how wonderful winter can be, and he wants to desperately see what winter is for himself. But he is an animal that hibernates each winter, and Hedgie desperately has to fight from laying down for his long winter's nap.

A little girl takes pity on little Hedgie, and she brings him inside to try to help him stay awake. From a warm little bed inside, made just for Hedgie by the little girl, Hedgie has the perfect view out the window to see all the magic of winter for himself.

For anyone that has every loved one of Jan Brett’s stories, The Snowy Nap will not disappoint. It is everything Jan Brett! Without a doubt, this story will join the rest of Jan Brett’s collection perfectly.

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