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This is Christmas by Tom Booth

Little Chipmunk is curious. He wishes to know his answer to his question, "What is Christmas?" In order to find the answer to his question, Little Chipmunk follows around his mother as they go about their day.

As the two of them wonder the forest, Little Chipmunk sees many holiday actions that appear like maybe they might be the answer to his question. After each new experience, Little Chipmunk asks for the wisdom on whether or not the depictions in the story are the real meaning of Christmas. Time after time, his mother gently answers her son that what they are seeing is just a little part of the bigger meaning of Christmas.

To find his answer, the two of them continue on to the next day. A large snow has fallen on the woods, and everything is buried by a new, thick blanket of white snow. Mother and Little Chipmunk head to the woods where they come across a large celebration of all the animals. At this celebration, there is joy, laughter, and a large outpouring of friendship. 

It is at the party that Little Chipmunk realizes that he has finally found the answer to his question. To Little Chipmunk, Christmas is about the joy and love you share when you surround yourself with friends and family. 

This is Christmas is a sweet story that utilizes animals to help share the message of Christmas. I love how the story ended with the gift of friendship and family.

Throughout the story, gifts and presents weren't ever mentioned. Instead, actions of joy and love were illustrated on every page of the children's book.

In addition to the message of this story, I really loved the total design. The story was illustrated with a very antique-look. To me, every page look liked the old-fashioned Christmas postcards my grandmother always had.

The design was unique, beautiful, and I thought it was a perfect choice to support the beautiful message of the book. 

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