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Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree by Robert Barry

Oh, I just love this story. It is one that has been around forever, but it is just the ultimate holiday book!

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree tells the story of a rich man as he receives the delivery of his yearly tree. Every year, Mr. Willowby orders the grandest tree to decorate for the holiday season. This year is no different, and the tree that Mr. Willowby receives is perfect.

It is grand. It is beautiful, and it is WAY too tall for the ceiling his mansion.

To make the Christmas tree fit the room, Mr. Willowby has his butler, Baxter trim the top of the tree. Finally, the perfect Christmas tree fits the parlor, and Mr. Willowby may begin decorating.

Baxter the Butler cannot seem to throw away the remains of Mr. Willowby's Christmas tree so he delivers the raining top of the tree to Miss Adelaide the maid.

Miss Adelaide is thrilled, but she too realizes the tree is too big for the space that she has. To make the tree fit, Miss Adelaide cuts the top off.

From there, Tim the gardener finds the remains and decides to take the tree home to his wife. She loves the tree, but she realizes it's just a little too big. With a few snips, the top of the tree is gone and thrown outside.

Once outside, a bear finds the top of the tree. It is just perfect for his bear home. But the top is too tall, and the pattern once again continues.

From there, animal after animal finds the top of the tree. Finally, only the littlest bit is left. But have no fear, because even the smallest bit of tree is the perfect Christmas tree for the smallest of animals.

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree is a simple circle plot, but it exhumes all the wonderful holiday feels. I love how time-after-time someone was able to see the magic of the unwanted part of the Christmas tree.

I love the sketch-like illustrations on top of white backgrounds, and I love how Christmas was special to all types of people and animals.

You and your readers will love seeing how the tree continues to find a new home, and I promise you the end of the story will give you the best holiday feels! It is a must-have for a holiday library.

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