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Santa BRUCE by Ryan T. Higgins

Santa BRUCE is another hilarious creation by Ryan T. Higgins. It has everything we have come to know and love about Ryan and his fun-filled books.

In Santa BRUCE, we are back with our favorite grumpy bear. Bruce is still his grumpy self, and he is not happy about missing out on his long winter's nap. But none-the-less, Bruce and his little mice-friends are in full preparation for the holidays.

There are many things that Bruce dislikes about the winter. However, in the story, you will learn that there is one thing that Bruce really dislikes, and that is the cold! In his effort to stay warm, Bruce bundles up in his long underwear and hat.

Once dressed, it doesn't take long for grumpy Bruce to suffer the ultimate case of mistaken identity. Someone actually thinks he is Santa Claus, and Bruce is not happy about it.

News of Santa Bruce spreads quickly. Before he knows it, Bruce's entire house is filled with little animals and their parents hoping to get to spend some time with who they think is actually Santa. Bruce tries again and again to tell the animals that he is not Santa.

But no one is listening, and his mice friends are stirring all the Santa commotion to reach its ultimate fullness. One thing leads to another, and Santa Bruce soon finds himself pulling a sleigh full of presents, mice, and goose-ish reindeer as the set out to deliver Christmas gifts to all the little animals of the forest.

I really enjoyed Santa Bruce. Not just because I am a serious Ryan T. Higgin's fan, but I also thought the story was just so cute. I love that the grumpy Bruce was thrown into the role of being Santa, and I laughed out loud several times as I notice the moments of Ryan T. Higgin's humor being snuck in throughout his illustrations.

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