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She’s Got This by Laurie Hernandez

She's Got This, by the Olympic gymnast, Laurie Hernandez, is the story of a young girl that wishes to fly! After seeing another gymnast on TV when she was little, the main character, Zoe makes the decision that someday she was going to be like that gymnast and fly for real!

In a blink, Zoe is in gymnastic classes, and she is learning and absorbing all things gymnastics very quickly. Gymnastics seems to come easily and naturally to Zoe. But that all changes one day when Zoe has a nasty fall off the balance beam.

Flustered and discouraged by the fall, Zoe announces to her family that she is quitting gymnastics. However, she is met not with the groans and objections of her family members that she expected. Instead, she was met with a party and celebration over the fact that she had her first fall!

To cap off the celebration, her family takes Zoe out for ice cream in order to celebrate her first fall. While out to ice cream, Zoe’s family members share their own stories of their first falls and how they all were able to overcome their fears and try again. Now, it is Zoe’s turn to get up from her fall and try gymnastics again.

In the end, Zoe puts aside her fears and jumps back into gymnastics. After all, sometimes you have to fall in order to learn how to fly!

My favorite part of this story was actually the last page. Here, we see little Zoe on the Olympic floor and flying in front of the world’s biggest gymnastic stage! Look closely, you will notice that the illustrations look like Laurie Hernandez's real-life Olympic experience!

This story is predictable but very sweet. I see lots of readers enjoying this story, especially if they are young gymnasts that have their own dreams of becoming famous athletes someday.

Laurie Hernandez is a role model to so many young children that wish to follow in her Olympic footsteps, and she does them proud with this encouraging story.

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