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Will You Be My Sunshine by Julia Lobo

I love books that represent the love between a parent and a child. We have a bookshelf of them in our home, and they are the constant books that I always reach for when I am reading to my children.

Our children should always hear how much we love them as parents. To me, books are just another perfect where to share our love as parents with our children.

Will You Be My Sunshine, by Julia Lobo, is a cute board book for parents to add to their repertoire of books on their children's bookshelves.

It tells the story of a mother mouse and a child mouse going throughout their lives. As the two are doing their day-to-day activities, the little mouse is asking his mother lots of questions, such as “Will she be his sunshine on a rainy day?” or “Will she be his rainbow when all seems dull and gray?”

For every question, the mother mouse has the perfect response to her child's many questions. Her responses are full of the love that all parents have for their children. The responses are gentle and pure.

Will You Be My Sunshine is a book that all babies will enjoy. The book is simple and all the illustrations are bright and baby-friendly. The words are plain but they reign true in regards to the love between parents and their children.

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