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Save Me a Seat by Sarah Weeks

Do you like books about different perspectives? If so, Save Me A Seat, by Sarah Weeks, is the book for you. This is a fiction book that I personally loved because it is about people from two different places.

At the beginning of the book, you will meet Ravi. Ravi is from India, and he is going to a United States school. AT the beginning of the book, you also meet Joe. Joe and Ravi both have to go to see Mrs. Frost. Ravi thinks that he doesn't need help with his English.

I recommend this book to upper grade readers. This fiction book will make you think twice before doing something mean to someone else. This book switches between Ravi’s perspective and Joe’s perspective.

At the beginning of the book, Ravi had just moved from India and is starting school in America for the first time. On his first day of school at Albert Einstein Elementary, he shows how he figured out a math problem. His teacher, Mrs.Beem tells him that he has to do things differently because he isn’t in India. When he goes back to his desk, he gets tripped by a kid that he calls Bigfoot. He falls and gets embarrassed. Bigfoot is actually Joe. He tries to impress Mrs. Beem but makes a fool out of himself.

Joe is in Ravi's class. He says that he didn't trip Ravi and that it was Dillon's fault. Joe likes to go to Mrs. Frost's room. He mainly likes it because he gets M&M’s. He gets bullied a lot by Dillon. Joe doesn't like that his mom is the lunch monitor at his school. This causes him to get bullied even more. Joe feels bad for Ravi when he gets called names.

Sarah Weeks writes the book, Save Me A Seat, from the perspective of two characters. Joe and Ravi are the main characters in this book. At first, they are completely different people and leading towards the end, it turns out that they are not that different at all. They both have to see Mrs. Frost, and they both get made fun of by Dillon. I can relate to being made fun of because when I was little I got made fun of.

Save Me A Seat, by Sarah Weeks, is a book about two different characters, and even though they are from different places, they are more alike than you think. Ravi thinks that him and Joe will never be friends. Will they become friends? Read the book to find out if they become friends or not.

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