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No Frogs in School by A. LaFaye

We all know those children that tend to challenge everything they are told not to do. For example, they may be told that they cannot do something, so they find a way to still do what they want to do while technically also still kind of listening to you!

In the story, No Frogs in School, our main character, Bartholomew is exactly the type of kid we all know. He doesn’t mean to break the rules, but he often tends to bend the rules in his favor, especially when it comes to bringing his many pets to school.

Bartholomew is a huge animal lover, and he struggles with leaving his beloved animals behind each day when he goes to school. In order to not be lonely, Bartholomew brings his frog to school on Monday.

Naturally, things get out of hand with Bartholomew’s hoppy friend, so Bartholomew’s teacher, Mr. Patanoose creates a new class rule, “No Frogs in School.”

But, there are more days in the week, and Bartholomew has many more animals. In order to not break his teacher’s rule, he tries bringing a different animal on Tuesday…. then on Wednesday… Thursday… and Friday.

Be sure to read No Frogs in School to see what animals Bartholomew brings to school. Chaos definitely will happen, and more rules will definitely be made and challenged!

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