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Goodnight Lab: A Scientific Parody by Chris Ferrie

Goodnight Lab sounds a whole lot like Goodnight Moon, and the cover of Goodnight Lab also sure looks a lot like Goodnight Moon. Don’t worry, it was totally done on purpose! So fans, if you are a fan of Goodnight Moon, you will definitely see a ton of similarities between the original and Chris Ferrie’s Goodnight Lab. In Goodnight Lab, you will meet a hardworking scientist picking up and saying goodnight to her lab and all her lab equipment after a long day of researching.

I was not a huge fan of this book! I thought the concept was cute, and it does copy the popular book, Goodnight Moon, really well. I see the purpose of what Chris Ferrie was designing this book. He was changing a famous children's book to resemble a scientist's world. For parents that are scientists, I can see this book being perfect for them!

About Chris Ferrie:

Chris Ferrie is sure making a name for himself in children’s literature. I have been seeing his name all over the place when it comes to making great children’s books that focus on teaching science to young readers.

In my research of Chris, I learned that he is a quantum physicist by day and children’s author by night. He is always the busy father of four adorable kiddos. On top of having an extremely busy life, he has managed to write over 20+ science-based children’s books science 2013. Holy cow!

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