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All Are Welcome Here by Alexandra Penfold and Suzanne Kaufman

Ugh, I loved, loved Alexandra Penfold’s and Suzanne Kaufman’s story, All Are Welcome Here! So much so that I am totally not embarrassed to admit that I cried in the store when I was reading this book. I then walked straight up to the counter and bought this book. I promise that I will forever be reading this book to every class that I will ever have. Yep! It was that good!

All Are Welcome Here shares the message of a school. A school where everyone's differences are loved and celebrated. Page-after-page introduces different types of race, religions, ethnicity, and body types. These difference are celebrated as the message, “All are Welcome Here,” was repeated and shared on page-after-page of this beautiful text.

All Are Welcome Here is a book that must be present in every classroom. The message in today’s world lately has been so destructive to those that are different. I choose to counteract the message of the world by reminding my students every day that they all are welcome in my classroom, and to do that, I will absolutely be using the book, All Are Welcome Here!

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