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Happy Dreamer by Peter H. Reynolds

Peter H. Reynold is so good at what he does. Every one of his books is just simplistically beautiful. Through his publication of hit after hit in the children's book world, Peter Reynold's has made a name for himself as both a talented illustrator and writer.

Peter Reynold's book, Happy Dreamer, fits perfectly in with the style of rest of his books. I would absolutely be able to know this was one of his books if you were to only show me one page of it. Everything about the book exhibits everything, Peter Reynolds. The white background, the simple lines in his sketches, the gentle use of color, and the powerful message to be true to oneself shines through page-after-page.

Happy Dreamer’s message focuses on teaching kids that dreamers come in all shapes and sizes. It encourages dreamers to dream in their quiet ways, their loud ways, and their imaginative ways. In any way a child dreams, Peter Reynold’s wants his readers to know that they can shine, and they can make their dreams soar.

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