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Feminist Baby Series– Loryn Brantz

With titles like Feminist Baby and Feminist Baby Finds Her Voice, how could I not pick up the books in this series and check them out?!? Although the pictures were bright and engaging, my overall opinion of this series is….not impressed.

I am all for exposing kids to books that are timely and connected to the current events of the world. I want my daughter and students to be able to understand what is going on around the world, especially when it comes to celebrating the achievements of all genders, races, ethnicities, and religions. People are amazing, and we should absolutely teach our children that it is our differences that make us special.

I consider myself a feminist. I fully support that women should have exactly the same rights as men. I am raising my daughter to believe that she can do anything she wishes to do, and I strive every day to be an example of what a strong woman looks like to the students, both boys, and girls, at my school.

The high expectations I hold for myself as a feminist, and more importantly, a kind, good person, are ones that I also hold for literature about feminism and humanism. This idea is especially true for the books I explore with children’s literature about these humanist ideals.

Feminist Baby fails to meet my expectations. It fails to explain the concept of feminism, and in almost an abrasive manner, it tears down any idea that a feminist can also be a woman that does fit typical gender roles. After all, a woman can be whomever she chooses and still be proud of who she is. She doesn’t have to be one that screams, shouts, wears pants and likes blue to be considered a feminist.

Being a feminist does not mean you can't follow some typical paths of women, being a feminist means you celebrate the women you are while also celebrating the women around you… however, they choose to represent themselves.

In my opinion, Feminist Baby and Feminist Baby Finds Her Voice is teaching the displaying the wrong message of what true feminism is, and I will not be passing on the books in this series. I will always and forever prefer a book that celebrates differences of all people, male or female, rather than slamming its opinions in the faces of young, impressionable, readers.

Feminist Baby Finds Her Voice

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