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Little People, Big Dreams – Board Book Series

While wandering around Barnes and Noble, I stumbled across this awesome new board book series for babies and toddlers. The vibrant, yet simple, covers displaying historical women that I have grown up learning caught my eye, and it instantly drew me to pick up a few of these books off the shelves.

To be totally honest, I was so intrigued by these books that I ended up sitting right down in the aisle of the store to explore this new nonfiction board book series. My husband and daughter must have been embarrassed to be near me while I was sprawled out on the floor of Barnes and Noble reading board books designed for little ones because they ditched me and left me alone to dig into this new series!

Through my reading and my post-reading research, I have learned that Little People, Big Dreams is a new series that focuses on introducing the youngest of readers to amazing, wonderful women that have influenced the world. Each book is purposely designed in order to highlight one woman who has made a difference in the world. It tells the story of that women's dream and how she was able to make her dream come true despite the biggest of obstacles.

I loved the simplicity of the design of the series, Little People, Big Dreams. The authors and illustrators who have worked on this project clearly understand their audience, and they have made each of the books reflect exactly what they want their youngest of readers to be exposed to. Designed for babies and toddlers, Little People, Big Dreams uses simple text and engaging pictures to tell the story of each woman in a kid-friendly manner.

Often times, my biggest complaint with board books is that they lack plots or messages. Even though board books are purposely designed for babies and toddlers, I absolutely believe they still need to be strong examples of books that contain both strong plots and messages. All age levels of children need to have access to great text.

I loved how Little People, Big Dreams designed their biography series for baby and preschool readers. There are not many nonfiction book series out there. This series is absolutely helping to pave the way to push the norm for what we typically think of when we think of baby books. Little People, Big Dreams series is a positive example of how even our youngest of readers can read and learn from awesome books!

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