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The Library Book by Tom Chapin and Michael Mark

If you have young children in your home or classroom, you must, must, must own the book titled The Library Book! This book was written by two-time Grammy winner, Tom Chapin, and two-time Grammy nominee, Michael Mark, and it will not disappoint. I promise your preschool-aged readers will adore reading, singing, and dancing along with this book!

The Library Book was created based on Tom Chapin’s song titled The Library Song. In both the book and the song, a young child is heading to the library on a rainy day. While at the library, the child begins to interact with a lot of childhood favorite book characters, such as Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, Madeline, Pinocchio and so many more! I’m telling you this book is a goldmine of allusions to classic book characters! Your children won’t even know what hit them.

On top of having a matching song, The Library Book is jammed-full of absolutely beautiful illustrations. Illustrator, Chuck Groenink, sure outdid himself with the pictures he created for this book. I can't imagine the challenge he had to take on with creating his own illustrated versions of so many famous childhood literary characters, but he did it! He did it well!

Be sure to read this book while listening along to the song! They match up perfectly, and your readers will love the incorporation of music into their reading. I am a true believer that reading needs to be engaging for our littlest readers, and The Library Book excels at this. The music, dynamics, famous characters, and repetitive song lyrics will be the perfect match for your favorite littles!

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