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Love Monster by Rachel Bright

Have you ever felt unloved? Well, in the book Love Monster by Rachel Bright, there is a little monster who is never wanted or loved. This caught my attention because on the front he has a frown on his face. A thought I had about this is that every animal is different looking and that does not matter. It matters what is on the inside.

This book has a lot of emotional moments. On pages 11 thru 18, Love Monster is looking high low, left and right, and mostly everywhere to find someone who loves and wants him. This continues on pages 7 and 8, the little monster is looking. He sees these kids and they are backing up because they are scared of the monster. As I say this, I am realizing that on every page he is walking or sitting alone by himself. This shows me that maybe Little Monster may never be happy.

I think that Little Monster’s traits are really important to this book. I think one of his trait is maybe jealousy of other animals.One example to connect to that is on page 3 and 4, he looks a bit mad because there is a sign that says pile of extreme cuteness, but he never gets a sign of extreme cuteness. I think that if he gets a sign it would probably not be extreme cuteness. Another trait I think he has is the blues. I see that on some pages, if you can see him, he always has a frown. Also, his heart and his stuffed animal is blue because he's down.

I really like the illustrations in this book. The reason why I like them is because the author put in what he is sad about in the pictures. Like on pages 5 and 6, there are pictures of other animals being loved and not Little Monster. The kids look happy with the cute bunnies and dogs but not Little Monster. To add on, when reading page 9, you can see all of the stuff he has. It is all about making new friends and love stuff to help him.Those are some reasons why I like the illustrations.

This book Love Monster by Rachel Bright is an really good book children ages 5-9.I think that because You never judge a person of what they look like. It is how they are. This book is kind of like the book, Sandwich Swap, because the girls judged a sandwich by the look and in the this story people and animals judged Little Monster by the look. There will always be friendship and love out there.

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