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And Then Comes Summer by Tom Brenner

Alright teachers, raise your hand if you are responsible for teaching cause and effect text structure to your students. Yep, that likely is all of us! Cause and effect text structure is a huge standard for most grades, and it is one skill that students struggle comprehending.

In my opinion, I think students often struggle because the texts we pull for this skill lack concrete evidence of the cause and effect text structure or, on the flip side, the texts we pull highlight cause and effect text structure as looking one identical way with every text.

Both of these ideas are true. Finding a kid-friendly text that specifically highlights the cause and effect text structure is a major challenge. To extend on that challenge, finding variations of cause and effect text structures that are kid-friendly is nearly impossible!

But friends, I have done it! I have found a kid-friendly picture book that introduces the when/then variation to the classic cause and effect text structure.

Let me introduce you to the book, And Then Comes Summer!

The entire book of And Then Comes Summer switches between a when summer statement to a then summer statement. For example, one page of the text states that when the days get so hot that you are panting, then it is time to head to the lake.

Every page of the book continues in this pattern and provides a creative when/then relationship that we all know and love about summer.

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