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The Marshmallow Incident by Judi Barrett

Do you like those books that leave you craving more? This book, The Marshmallow Incident, By Judi and Ron Barrett, was absolutely amazing! This book is about the towns of Left and Right, and the Order of the Ambidextrous Knights of the Dotted Yellow Line, and don’t forget the knights marshmallows!

The towns have kept peace for many years and have never crossed the Dotted Yellow Line. But one day, the unthinkable happens! Someone has crossed the dotted yellow line!

In this book, the pictures are amazing! When you are done reading the text, the pictures continue the story. There are also word bubbles on some pages to also help continue the story. Ron Barrett drew great illustrations. This book has great illustrations.

This book has a huge lesson. It shares that even though you are different, you can be friends. No one can tell you can and can’t be friends with anyone. You don’t have to have boundaries. This lesson is a big part of the story.

My favorite part is when the knights come in! These quirky knights are sure to make you laugh out loud. They do all sorts of crazy things, like entering in a poetry contest! They love and do crazy things with their marshmallows! These knights are very quirky!

In this heartwarming tale, this book encourages kids to set aside their differences and come together. To add on, this book tells you that you can be friends although your different. In my opinion, this is a must-read for children of all ages. As I say this, I’m realizing because I am a child myself, this really warmed my heart. The Marshmallow Incident, by Judi and Ron Barrett, should be on every parent’s “must read to child” list.

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