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I Am NOT a Chair by Ross Burach

Giraffe is having a rough day. It is his first day in the jungle and all the other animals keep sitting on him. For some reason, they all think Giraffe is a chair. No matter what Giraffe does every animal is convinced that Giraffe is the most comfortable place to take a rest.

Giraffe finally has had enough, and he is determined to speak up whenever the next animal decides to take lounge on his back. But things get a little complicated when the next animal to sit on Giraffe is a hungry…… lion!

I Am NOT A Chair will be the perfect book for your young reader if you and your little one are looking for a new book that is just simple and fun. My four-year-old daughter loves books that just get silly, and she has asked me to read this book to her over and over.

Naturally, I always say yes because I love hearing her giggle whenever another animal mistakes Giraffe as a chair. If you have a young reader in your household, I promise you that they will enjoy the quirkiness of Ross Burach’s book titled I Am NOT a Chair.

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