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Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey

The book, Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey has a very great character. The great character is named Pig. He is a pug that never wants to share with Trevor, his weiner dog brother. Pig is so greedy that bad thing start to happen because he is too worried about his things. Lastly, the author only put two characters in and they both have a big part in the story. I believe the author only had two characters in the story because they represented a good character, Trevor, and a bad character, Pig.

The book, Pig the Pug, also has adorable pictures in the book. For example, the backgrounds of the pictures are white but everything else in the book is very colorful. Also, the picture are so detailed that when you read the book you could tell that it goes well with the words. Lastly, Pig and Trevor actually look like real life dogs, and you can really tell how the characters are feeling. I recommend this book to younger kids because they will love the pictures and can tell what the words say by the pictures.

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