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House Arrest by K.A. Holt

I have read many of K.A. Holt’s novels, and I have enjoyed every single one of them. But, by far, my favorite novels by K.A. Holt are the novels she writes in verse. They are always so creative and beautifully written. I love the creative design that she puts into every single page of her verse novels, and every student that I have handed one of K.A. Holt’s verse novels, have flown through it in the same way that I have.

When I found K.A. Holt’s novel, House Arrest, at a Scholastic Book Warehouse sale, I knew I had to own it. This verse novel tells the heartbreaking story of Timothy. Timothy’s home life is in shambles. His baby brother, Levi, is critically ill. He was born with severe health concerns and he has a trach that helps him breathe. Levi's care is expensive, and things just get harder for Timothy's family when his dad disappears.

In efforts to help Timothy's mother with the burdens of providing for their family, Timothy steals a wallet at the grocery store and uses a credit card within the wallet to pay for Levi's medicine. Timothy is caught and sentenced to one year of house arrest, mandatory therapy, and weekly visits with his tough probation officer.

You would think things couldn't get worse for Timothy and his family, but naturally, they do. No matter what Timothy does, his good intentions always lead him into deeper and deeper trouble, and his life falls more and more apart. His heart is always there, but his actions often push the boundaries of what is allowed for a young teenager.

This story will break your heart as you cheer on Timothy only to find him continually failing or making a mess of things. As you read this story, you will continually hope for him to finally find some good luck in his efforts to just do the right thing for his family.

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