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Dog Man and Cat Kid by Dav Pilkey

The book, Dogman and Cat Kid, by Dav Pilkey is a funny book that I would recommend to kids that want have a great sense of humor. This book has a lot of funny pictures and text. It is an easy read graphic novel that you can read in about 30 minutes.

Dogman is a police officer that has a dog head and human body. It all started one day when a police dog and a police officer went to solve a crime. While they are walking, someone set off a bomb and both the dog and the officer had to go to the hospital. The doctors said that the dog’s body is dying and the police officer’s head is dying so they decide to sew the dog’s head on the police officer’s body so a part of them each will live.

In this book, Petey, the evil cat tries to take over the city with his evil robots. Dogman and his sidekick Cat Kid try to stop Petey from taking over the city. Read to find out if Dogman and Cat Kid ever stop Petey and his evil robots from taking over the city.

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