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Princess Truly by Kelly Greenawalt

Daughters, princesses, our daughters love for princesses. Does it ever end? I sure hope not! I love, love the magic in my daughter’s eyes whenever a princess shows up in front of her. It doesn’t even have to be a Disney Princess, put a girl in a beautiful dress in front of her, and she is convinced that real princesses exist! I know this will change someday when Brooklyn grows up, but for now, let the princesses reign supreme in our home!

Clearly, princess love in our house runs deep. My four-year-old daughter sure thinks that she is a princess, and she loves, loves when there are princesses in the books that she reads. Doesn’t matter what the character is, if there is a princess, Brooklyn is on board.

I am a little harder to convince when it comes to princess stories. I want a princess character that displays morals, values, and is proud of herself. I want the princess characters in the books I read to my daughter to teach her to love herself and to be proud of who she is on the inside.

Clearly, author Kelly Greenawalt and illustrator Amariah Rauscher have princesses at their own houses, and they agree with me in the importance in having strong female characters in front of our daughters. But they went a step further, they created the Princess Truly series where Truly not only displays great character values, but she also reflects how their sweet girls look. Curls and all!

I adore the message behind the Princess Truly series. Princess Truly is a character that displays confidence, strength, and pride in who she is. Princess Truly is capable of doing anything, including going on amazing adventures. She is intelligent, fun, and an amazing book character to put in front of my daughter. On top of that, Princess Truly is beautiful. She has amazing curls, and she is proud of how she looks different than everybody else.

The message and the character design of Truly are not the only amazing part of this story. In addition to these huge strengths, the illustrations are just perfect! They are soft and so beautiful. I love how illustrator, Amariah Rauscher, set a theme and style within the illustrations that has been carried into each book within the Princess Truly series. Not to mention, Princess Truly’s best friend is an adorable pug that can be found tagging along on each of Princess Truly’s adventures!

Teachers and parents, Princess Truly is a must-have series for your libraries. Truly is a character that exhibits strength, and I love, love that she is now a key fixture in my own daughter's library!

Princess Truly in My Magical Sparkling Curls by Kelly Greenawalt

Princess Truly continues on to another amazing adventure in Princess Truly in My Magical Sparkling Curls. With her trusty pug by her side, Truly ventures off to explore space, Egyptian pyramids, deep crevices of the ocean floor, and the wild lands of dinosaurs!

In the next book in Princess Truly’s series, author, Kelly Greenawalt, and illustrator, Amariah Rauscher, build upon the magic of Truly. This girl can do all. She has no fear, and adventure drives her! Fear does not stop her. With the magical power of her sparkling curls, nothing can stand in the way of Princess Truly!

Princess Truly and the Hungry Bunny Problem

Princess Truly and her beloved pug are to the rescue! Their friend, Lola, has a major problem. The garden that feeds her bunnies will not grow. It is up to Princess Truly to solve the case. With her magical curls and her pug best friend by her side, Princess Truly is sure to find an answer to a bunny of a problem.

Princess Truly and The Courageous Cape Chase

Princess Truly is not scared of anything. With her trusty pug, adventure is to be faced head on. Rowdy Wrigley is the complete opposite of Princess Truly. He is scared of everything. Trouble finds Rowdy when he loses his favorite red cape. Together with Princess Truly, Rowdy and her set off to rescue his favorite cape. Maybe just maybe, Rowdy Wrigley will find his courage along the way.

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