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Can I Be Your Dog? By Troy Cummings

Can I Be Your Dog? is a major win for children’s literature. It’s got heart, lots of beautiful illustrations, a teachable message, and a loveable dog that just needs a family to love him. This book is just so cute and heartfelt, and your young readers will be sure to fall in love with sweet Arfy, the homeless dog. Not to mention, you will be sure to fall in love with Arfy as well.

Arfy, the homeless dog, desperately wants to find a loving home. So much so, that he takes finding a family into his own hands. Arfy decides to write a series of letters to all the households on his favorite street. He has been watching these families for a long time, and he knows just what he needs to do to be the right dog for each of those homes. But no matter what Arfy tries to do, he just doesn’t seem to be able to convince any of his neighbors that he should be their new family pet.

All seems hopeless for our beloved Arfy! But have no fear, happiness will find him. It just will not be in the way that anyone expects!

The message is a huge win for this story, but the design of this children’s book is an equal strength in my opinion. Troy Cummings has designed the story to resemble Arfy’s letters, and the resulting pages are just beautiful. I absolutely loved how the book resembled Arfy and his dog-based personality. The design also reminded me of the series, Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School by Mark Teague. It definitely brought me back to one of my childhood favorites, but Troy Cummings brought his own fresh take on the design.

Without a doubt, I believe that adding this book to your personal libraries will be a major win within your own households or your classrooms. I know that Can I Be Your Dog? will be a top book recommendation of mine for many years to come! Without a doubt, I believe Can I Be Your Dog? should be in every child’s hands. They will love it! I promise!

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