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Hurricane Child by Kheryn Callender

Too much. There was just too much going on in this story. I tried so hard to like it, I really did. But, I could not get around all the different mini plot directions that Kheryn Callender had going on in her story, Hurricane Child. The frame of the story had great potential, but the busy execution made this book a “just okay” read for me.

Like I mentioned, this story had a lot going on, especially when it comes to the main character, Caroline Murphy. Caroline is twelve years old, and her life is chaotic. Her mom has just disappeared, her dad is constantly coming home drunk, the teachers at the school have it out for Caroline, the girls at her school bully her incessantly, she has fallen in love with the new girl, and oh… she sees spirits. Yikes… like I mentioned. Too much.

You think all that Callendar built at the beginning of the story would be enough for young Caroline to take on., but it doesn't end there. More is added to the plot line. Caroline's dad has a secret love child and her mom is found raising another man's baby. Not to mention, the girls at school find out about Caroline's love for another girl, and they repeatedly torture her for the sin of loving someone of her same gender.

Again, again, it is just way too much. This story is only a little over 200 pages long, there was no way all these plots could have been truly explored with such few pages.

If Callender would have attached half as much as what she did to the poor character of Caroline, then maybe, just maybe, this story would have had a stronger direction. But the busyness of this story really took away from what the story, in my opinion, should have been about.

I think the bulk of the story should have been focused on Caroline and her pursuit to find her mother. Everything else pilled on really just distracted from the strongest momentum that Hurricane Child showed some glimpses of.

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