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Milk Goes to School by Terry Border

I love, love books by Terry Border. The illustrations in these “food” theme books are just adorable. I love how the characters are all different types of food, and they interact just like typical children would. Every one of Terry Border’s food theme books is absolutely hilarious and they always pack a great message for kids today.

In Milk Goes to School, we follow Milk as she struggles to get along with some kids at school. No matter what Milk happens to do, her classmates view her as “spoiled.” Eventually, Milk gets frustrated trying to defend herself and she ends up getting spilled everywhere.

In the end, our beloved food characters find a way to both get along, but also embrace their food-based difference. The book, Milk Goes to School, is a great book for anyone that wishes to have a laugh. I have read this book to both a preschool audience and my upper-elementary kids. No matter the ages of the readers, this book is a sure win!

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