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The Little Red Fort by Brenda Maier

Ruby really wants to build a fort. After begging her older brothers to help her, Ruby learns quickly that she is on her own with her fort-building efforts. As each new challenge with the fort building comes to Ruby’s attention, she continually tries and tries turning to her older brothers for help.

However, they are just too busy to pay attention to her. That all changes though when Ruby finally finishes her fort, and it turns out to be awesome! Will she let her brothers join her now that her epic fort is complete?

I adored the message of Brenda Maier’s story, The Little Red Fort, and I loved it even more when I dug into some research on Maier’s inspiration for her story. It turns out that Maier’s story, The Little Red Fort is completely based on the classic folktale, The Little Red Hen.

After I read that, a light bulb totally went off in my head. Of course, the symbolism of the classic folktale of The Little Red Hen is completely intertwined in the structure and theme of Maier’s story, The Little Red Fort. Absolutely brilliant! I am going to be adding this book to my folktale file for next year. I am so heartbroken that I didn’t find this book until last month! I could have been using it for teaching this year.

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