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Wendell the Narwhal by Emily Dove

Narwhals are so trendy right now, and I am seeing them everywhere in public and with my students. As soon as I saw this book on the Scholastic website, I knew that we needed to add it to our classroom library. Unfortunately, this book has not made it into my classroom yet. My four-year-old daughter snagged it right out of my book box before my students could even get their hands on it. What can I say, even preschoolers are down with the Narwhal trend right now!

Wendell the Narwhal tells the story of a musically-challenged narwhal named Wendell. Wendell would do anything to be able to play beautiful music, but no matter how hard he tries, he cannot seem to produce anything close to a musical sound. As Wendell swims the ocean, he becomes more and more frustrated with the other marine animals around them. Every other animal can make a beautiful sound, but why can’t our friend, Wendell? After a while, the noise becomes too much for Wendell and puts the noise of the ocean to an immediate halt. But an unlikely solution at the end of the book gives Wendell the chance to do his part to make the ocean music more beautiful than ever.

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