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Like Magic by Elaine Vickers

In my opinion, I believe the best comment I can make about Elaine Vickers’s book titled Like Magic is that it is just the sweetest story. From the beginning-to-end of this chapter book, your heart will just melt at the lives and struggles of the three girls featured in this text. Each girl is relatable, kind, and represents a child you surely have met in your own lives.

The story Like Magic follows the changing lives of three girls named Grace, Jada, and Malia. Each girl is at a major crossroads in her life, and each girl is yearning for just one friend to lean on during the difficulties that life presents when major changes happen.

Grace is an extremely shy girl who fights a daily battle with the anxiety that sometimes cripples her ability to even speak. She is struggling to be alone after her only friend moves away.

Jada has found herself now living in an entirely different state, and she is heartbroken over the fact that her mom has chosen to leave her family behind.

Malia’s life has been completely overhauled with the birth of her new baby sister. Malia had been an only child for over ten years, and now Malia fears that her family may not have enough love to go around for both her sister and herself.

Magic enters the story through a single library book. A book that magically all girls encounter when on their own separate trips to the library. Through the guidance of a loving librarian, the girls start a pen-pal-like adventure that soon intertwines their three separate lives together.

In order to encompass the three separate stories that are present with each of the girls, Elaine Vickers has the narrator’s perspective of each chapter changing as she shifts from girl to girl. I love her usage of this point of view swapping strategy in this novel. It allows you the chance to fall in love with each girl’s own separate life and her own separate story until all three of the individual stories finally become mixed together as one.

I would highly recommend this book for an upper elementary reader. It is a great read that will absolutely relate to any child that has moments when they just need that one “special” friend. Each girl is relatable, and any student that picks up this book will be able to connect his or her own life to the experiences of these main characters. Everything about this novel is heartfelt and sweet. I absolutely believe that it will be a great read for anyone that picks up this book!

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