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What’s in my Scholastic Book Box? – April 2018 Edition

Black Belt Bunny by Jacky Davis

This book is so cute! It is about a little bunny who has his black belt in karate. The most creative aspect that I have seen in this book so far is that the narrator and Black Belt Bunny actually interact with each out throughout this entire story. For example, the story starts off with the narrator asking Black Belt Bunny to come closer. Then, Black Belt Bunny continues to act out the story the narrator is telling him to do so.

The Little Red Fort by Brenda Maier

Ruby really wants to build a fort. After begging her older brothers to help her, Ruby learns quickly that she is own her own with her fort building efforts. As each new challenge with the fort building comes to Ruby’s attention, she continually tries turning to her older brothers for help. However, they are just too busy to pay attention to her. That all changes though when Ruby finally finishes her fort, and it turns out to be awesome! Will she let her brothers join her now that her epic fort is complete?

Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean’s Most Fearless Scientist by Jess Keating

I love nonfiction picture books! I think they are an amazing way to hook young readers on the nonfiction genre. Shark Lady focuses on the life of scientist, Eugenie Clark. The story starts off with Eugenie’s life as a child and how her love for marine life began. It then follows in the path of her life in her journey to become a famous marine biologist!

Worm Weather by Jean Taft

Worm Weather was recently the dollar book special for Scholastic this month. Naturally, I had to buy it! Worm Weather brings in a ton of onomatopoeia as it follows kids and their play activities through a spring rainy day. This book is clearly designed for very young readers. The illustrations are vibrant, and each page only has a couple of words.

Wendall the Narwhal by Emily Dove

Narwhals are so trendy right now, and I am seeing them everywhere in public and with my students. As soon as I saw this book on the Scholastic website, I knew that we needed to add it to our classroom library. Unfortunately, this book has not made it into my classroom yet. My four-year-old daughter snagged it right out of my book box before my students could even get their hands on it. What can I say, even preschoolers are down with the Narwhal trend right now!

The Parker Inheritance by Varian Johnson

“The letter waits in a book, in a box, in an attic, in an old house in Lambert, South Carolina. It’s waiting for Candice Miller.”

Wow, that is the opening quote on the back of this book, and that is what made me know that I absolutely have to read this book. Problem is… it’s the end of the school year, and every spare minute of my day is occupied by preparing for the end of the school year. Rest assured, I will be cracking open this book as soon as the summer bell rings. Hurry up summer, I am ready to dig into this book!

From what I have read, it is a story about a young girl named Candice. Candice has a found a mysterious letter, full of clues, in the attic that was addressed to her grandmother. A grandmother that has been cast away from Lambert in a cloud of epic failure and humiliation. It is up to Candice to figure out the message of the letter and dig deeper into the secrets of her family’s past.

Spirit Hunters by Ellen Oh

The students in my class this year really love scary books, like they really love them! I have been busy all year trying to keep up with how fast they are devouring every new scary book that I am able to bring into our classroom library. Lately, I have noticed that Scholastic has been advertising Ellen Oh’s book, Spirit Hunters a lot these last few months, so I wanted to check it out to see if it would be a great fit to our scary book collection.

Spirit Hunters is focused on a young girl named Harper and the creepy house that her family just moved in to. Rumor has it that Harper’s new house is haunted. For years, the craziest events and wildest tragedies seem to happen to every person that has ever lived there. Will Harper and her family be the next victims of this haunted house?

Clayton Byrd Goes Underground by Rita Williams-Garcia

Rita Williams-Garcia’s new novel, Clayton Byrd Goes Underground, has been getting a lot of reward buzz. It seems like everyone is in agreement that this book will be a title-reward winning book, the only questions unanswered at this time is which title-reward and how many title-rewards will it end up with in the end?

Clayton Byrd is a unique boy. Often times, you can find him sneaking off to go play his favorite blues at Washington Square park. Things though, turn complicated with the death of Cool Papa, Clayton’s grandfather.

One True Way by Shannon Hitchcock

1977. The South. Southern expectations for love during this time period have little to no room for couples that don’t follow societal rules. But what does that mean for Allie and Sam? More importantly, what does that mean for Allie and Sam as a couple? A couple consisting of two girls from Daniel Boone Middle School. Will their love survive the intolerance of this time period?

Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora by Pablo Cartaya

Arturo’s community is in trouble. Local land developers are threatening to come in and change everything about the home he loves. Through his poetry and protests, Arturo plans on doing everything he can to say his town. And maybe, just maybe, he might also attract the attention of the girl that makes his stomach swirl.

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