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Water Can Be…. By Laura Purdie Salas

If you are in need of a nonfiction poetry book, I would recommend Water Can Be.., by Laura Purdie Salas. This poetry book describes the many facets and abilities of our world’s water. With cute rhymes on every page and the book’s shift from season to season, students will be able to understand the many usages of water in our world.

The illustrations in this book are beautiful, and they almost carry the story more than the poetry. Each page seems to be more beautifully illustrated than the last. However, I feel the greatest asset of the text would by the nonfiction glossary in the back of the book. Here, Laura Purdie Salas provides the reader a kid-friendly explanation for how each page fits the abilities and faucets of water.

It is my only wish that the nonfiction glossary would have had illustrations to accommodate all the great facts it provided the readers. Different illustration would also help draw the eyes of readers to these informational pages at the end of the story. Instead, “Teacher Me” knows that most students will skip these text-heavy, and illustration-less, pages at the end of the book, and therefore they will miss out on the great learning opportunity it provided.

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