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Papasaurus and Mamasaurus by Stephan Lomp

Need some fresh new stories for your young reader, then check out Stephan Lomp’s new books: Papasaurus and Mamasaurus! Both stories are great independently, but I would absolutely recommend owning the pair!

Papasaurus: Babysaurus and Papasaurus are playing hide and seek. Babysaurus is searching everywhere and he cannot seem to find his dad. As Babysaurus continues on his adventure, he meets a lot of other baby dinosaurs, but none of them seem to have any idea where Papasaurus may be.

Mamasaurus: Babysaurus is eating some yummy leaves when he accidentally slips of Mamasaurus’s back. No matter what he does, he cannot seem to find his mama. He runs into lots of baby dinosaurs, including a Baby T-Rex. Will Mamasaurus be found before Babysaurus gets too close to Baby T-Rex?

Both Papasaurus and Mamasaurus will be wildly popular with any young reader. They are kid-friendly and offer a ton of dinosaur facts mixed in with some cute stories. My favorite part of these books where the character names of all the baby dinosaurs. Each of the names of the dinosaurs Babysaurus meets has a cute name played of the actual names of the types of dinosaurs mention in Stephan Lomp’s books.

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