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Only One You by Linda Kranz

Only One You, by Linda Kranz, focuses around a mother and father fish providing life advice to their young fish. They advise their child to look for friends in all places, find their way to stand out instead of always following the crowd and to learn to listen as much as you learn to speak up. But most of all, the loving parent fish remind their child that there is only one of that fish, just like there is only one of each our children or students in the world.

This book follows a cute plotline, but it does lack an ability to engage the reader. Both my daughter and I will forget about this book in the future. The message is there, but it was way above my daughter’s head. In my case, I can think of a great list of other books with similar plot message’s that covey the same message in a much more engaging manner.

The best part of the book, Only One You, are the illustrations. They are really cute. On each page, there are cartoon-like fish illustrated on top of real-life pictures. It had a similar artistic design as Mo William’s Knuffle Bunny series.

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