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Hello Genius Manner Books by Michael Dahl

Are you in need of some great manners books for your young toddlers or preschoolers? Check out Michael Dahl’s series by Hello Genius! He has a cute, kid-friendly book for every manner you could possibly want work on with your child.

In Michael Dahl’s manners series, a specific manner is learned by an animal. For example, you have titles such as Mouse Says Sorry, Little Lion Shares, Hippo Says Excuse Me, and Little Monkey Calms Down. In each book, the young animal must learn how to practice a specific manner. After some struggle, each manner seems to help the animal become kinder and safer.

I have read lots of children’s stories that work on the topic of manners, but Michael Dahl’s series does it the best! The bright illustrations, simple texts, and loveable characters are appealing to young readers. You cannot go wrong with adding this series to your collection.

A Few of Michael Dahls's Manners Series:

Have a child that doesn't like animals, try Michael Dahl's Dinosaurs Manners?

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