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Ellie in Concert by Mike Wu

I love Ellie books! I mean, what is not to love… Ellie is a cute, little elephant! As of now, Mike Wu has only published three Ellie-based stories. However, I am hoping, and guessing, that there are many more adventures of Ellie yet to come.

In the newest Ellie story, Ellie in Concert, sweet Ellie is trying to help her friend Lucy the Giraffe. Lucy is so tired, but the zoo is just too noisy for Lucy to be able to rest. Lucy decides that she must quickly work to help her beloved friend get some much-needed rest.

As Ellie tries to solve Lucy’s sleep problems, she quickly comes into contact with all the different noises the animals at the zoo are making. Is there a way to make these animals quiet, or at least a way they can work together to help Lucy fall asleep?

My favorite part of Mike Wu’s Ellie stories is that the stories continue through his illustrations. On each page, you have the text telling you the story, but more information is communicated to the reader through Wu’s pictures. You would think that young children wouldn’t pick up on all the pictures are telling that the text is not, but with Mike Wu’s illustrations, the children are sucked in. When my daughter and I read this story together, we spent lots of time of each of the pages discussing all that Ellie was doing in the story. The coolest part is that my daughter was leading the discussion!

If you do not have any Ellie stories in your home collection or classroom library, I recommend you jump on the Mike Wu bandwagon. It is my belief that this series will be a beloved children’s classic very soon!

Ellie (Original Book)

Ellie in Color (Baby Book)

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