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American Girl: Real Stories from My Time – Titanic (A Samantha Story)

American Girl is at it again. Since the beginning of American Girl, this company has strived to connect literature and reading to the inner-workings of everything they do, and they have been wildly successful doing so! The success continues with American Girl’s new series titled, Real Stories from My Time.

The concept of this new series is simple, connect the popular American Girl series with real-life moments in history. That is exactly what they have done in the new series, Real Stories from My Time. For example, in Real Stories from my Time: Titanic, American Girl connects real-life history with their famous Samantha character. As you read the story, you will have nonfiction chapters mixed in with the historical fiction stores of one of American Girl’s popular doll characters.

I really like this new series, and my students have fallen in love with it as well. Right now, we only have Real Stories from My Time: Titanic in our classroom library, but I will be watching for more books from these series to be released in the near future. Although this book is written by American Girl, the series seems to be very gender-friendly. All my students have really loved the combination of the real-life facts and photos of the Titanic with the entertaining story of an American Girl’s perspective.

The Real Stories from My Time series offers a fresh take on modern-day nonfiction stories, and it forces students to combine the genres of nonfiction and historical fiction as they are reading. Part of the appeal of this new series is that they are jumping on board with real high-interest moments in history. So far, this series has written books about the sinking of the Titanic, Boston Tea Party, Underground Railroad, and Pearl Harbor. I believe this series will soon be in direct competition with current nonfiction series such as I Survived and Who Was?, and it will be wildly successful!

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