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By Your Side by Kasie West

Do you know a student or older child that loves romance novels? Do you struggle to find romance novels that keep it PG and age -appropriate for those young teens and tweens? Let me help you out! Look no further than Kasie West!

I will fully admit that I am a softy for a good, light-hearted romance novel. I just love happy endings. It is totally the girl inside me that grew up watching all my favorite princesses and female characters fall and love and find perfect happily-ever-afters. Of course I would naturally want the same thing to happen with my favorite book characters. Yes, romance novels always seem to be predictable. The characters meet, fall in love, something tries to separate them, and love wins in the end. Yet, isn’t that exactly what our hearts want with romance stories? We want love to win in the end. In Kasie West’s novel, By Your Side, love wins in the end.

Kasie West’s novel, By Your Side, focuses on the chance encounter of two high school students, Autumn Collins and Dax Miller. Naturally, these two classmates socialize in completely different circles (enter star-crossed lovers.) Autumn is the good girl that is striving to win over the heart of the class heartthrob (not Dax). Dax is the one with the bad boy reputation who is really just wrongly judged.

Our two characters meet after being accidentally locked in the library for a long weekend. Autumn was there working on homework with her friends when she is left behind while she went back inside to use the restroom. Naturally, Autumn left her bag and phone in her friend’s car. Dax was wondering and tried to hide in the library for safe keeping. He has nowhere else to go. The two quickly realize that they were locked in the library together, and now they have the weekend to get to know each other.

The majority of the novel focuses on the time Dax and Autumn are trapped in the library. They start their stay as strangers, but they slowly open up to each other. This connection ignites a spark of romance, and both characters are left reeling.

Eventually, the new love must face the reality of the outside world. Naturally, someone finds them and they must return to their lives before their time in the library. Will their love survive their completely different lives? How has this exchange changed both of them? Will their love win in the end?

Love the sound of Kasie West’s story, By Your Side. Be sure to check out some of her other romance novels below. I have read them all, and I would allow my students or daughter to read them. She gives you all the romance feels but keeps it always appropriate.

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