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Shadow Weaver by MarcyKate Connolly

I read Shadow Weaver, by MarcyKate Connolly, right after I finished reading The Secret of the Nightingale Wood, by Lucy Strange, and there were a ton of parallels between these two stories. They both center around young girls that are struggling to find their way in their crumbling families. Both girls spend most of their time in isolation and under the only accompany of themselves and the shadows that are surrounding them. In The Secret of Nightingale Wood, the shadows eventually break away into a light that helps restore the family and bring life back into the darkness. Whereas, in the book Shadow Weaver, the shadow represents darkness and evil. An evil which only finds its way to destroy every spot of goodness and prey on the weakness of those it finds connection within.

The evil within Shadow Weaver is entirely focused on the shadow of Emmeline. Emmeline is a shadow weaver, and her shadow, who is named Dar, is actually able to communicate and interact with her. Throughout the story, Emmeline’s only companion and friend seems to be Dar. Dar is Emmeline’s absolute lifeline. However, as the story progresses, we, as the readers, are able to see the evilness growing within Dar. Yet, Emmeline remains oblivious and falls more and more under the control of her own shadow.

After Dar murders a visitor of Emmeline’s family, Emmeline and Dar must flee. Dar convinces Emmeline that it is for the best they flee from her family and their desire to control Emmeline’s shadow weaving. The further Emmeline escapes the bounds of her family the farther she falls until Dar’s evil control. It is in the woods where she meets a strange boy who also has unnatural powers like Emmeline. Who is this boy, and what will be his role in Emmeline’s life? Will she be able to figure out Dar’s evil plan before its too late? Check out Shadow Weaver by MarcyKate Connolly.

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