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The War I Finally Won by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Yeah! Kimberly Brubaker Bradley heard our cries for more about Ada’s story, and she delivered with a second book. In her sequel to her novel, The War That Saved Me¸ we pick up exactly where we left off with the story of Ada, her brother, Jamie, and her guardian Susan. This little family is faced with more challenges and struggles as WWII hits close to home, literally.

In the second novel, The War I Finally Won, we are thrown back right into the realization that Susan Smith’s home is now completely gone. Due to a bombing of the airfield next to Susan’s house, Ada, Jamie, and Susan are now faced with finding a new place to live and picking up the pieces of their lives once again.

Thanks to the generosity of Lady Thorton, the town’s leading lady, both rich and controlling, our beloved three are starting their lives over in the Thorton’s little servant’s cottage.

Losing their home is not the only challenges that Ada, Jamie, and Susan face. Memories and drama continue to haunt them all from their own tragic histories and monumental moments of change are continuously barreling at them. The biggest change comes in a surgery for Ada, a surgery that repairs the clubfoot that has limited her throughout her entire life.

What will Ada do now that she is facing a new beginning with her new foot? Are her opportunities truly endless or will her past continue to restrict her?

Once again, Kimberly Brubaker Bradley delivers in a brilliantly written story. If you loved meeting Ada in The War That Saved My Life, you will absolutely want to pick up this book and finish Ada’s story with The War I Finally Won. You won’t regret it.

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