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Are You in Need of Lower-Leveled Chapter Books to Engage Older, Struggling Readers? Check out Schola

As a teacher, I understand the importance of differentiating the reading instruction I provide my students in order to meet their diverse sets of needs and varying reading abilities. I live this reality every single day in my classroom. And every single day, I am faced with the same challenge over and over. What texts should I use with my lowest readers that still make them feel like they are older students? My older kids did not want to read the “baby” picture books that matched their reading levels. No way! They wanted to read books that resembled the books their grade-level peers were reading. My solution… Scholastic Branches!

If you are like me and in search of high interest/low readability books, this series is a God-send. I am so grateful that Scholastic has developed this targeted set of books to help struggling readers. So far, Scholastic has over 19 different mini-series being developed under the Branches program. 19 different series! And it is growing quickly!

I jumped on the Branches train at the beginning of this school year. I was once again in a desperate search for older looking chapter books for my lower leveled readers. I kept stumbling on these books on the Scholastic website that had this tree in the corner with the term “Branches.” A quick Google search, and I hit the teacher jackpot!

The best thing about the Branches Collection is that there is literally something for anyone. With 19 different series currently being developed, there is going to be a topic for every lower reader. Plus, the topics are kid friendly! The have animals, detectives, robots, and monsters haunting an elementary school. This series is so well done that all the kids in my classroom fight over these books. Even my gifted readers want to dig into our Branches books!

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