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The Problim Children by Natalie Lloyd

Want a book that you won’t be able to put down, then pick up Natalie Lloyd’s, The Problim Children. Just beware, this book is rumored to be part of a trilogy, and the next books aren’t even close to coming on the market yet. Ugh! Why do author’s do this to me? They publish these great first books in a series, and I am left waiting impatiently to find out what is going to happen to the odd, but yet so loveable, Problim family.

This book is just quirky in every way, and it is amazing! The opening pages introduce you to each of the Problim children and their house in the swampy woods. However, when one of the Problim children accidentally destroys their home, the Problim children must come up with a solution. With their parents nowhere to be found at the moment, the Problim children set off to find the home of their late grandfather. They find it, and it’s even quirkier than the Problim’s themselves.

The Problim’s are not met with kindness and excitement when they arrive at the grandfather’s abandoned home. Instead, they have the displeasure of meeting Desdemona O’Pinion. Flabbergasted that the Problim children arrived just as Desdemona was about to gain control of the suspicious Problim house, she does everything in her power to make problems for the Problim children, including calling the Society for the Protection of Unwanted Children. However, the Problim’s will not be deterred, and they head off to make their grandfather’s home their own. That was until they notice suspicious clues all around the house, clues that seem to have been left for his grandchildren. But, why would Grandpa Problim leave these clues? Are the Problims in danger? Was Desdemona O’Pinion on to something?

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