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Lucky Broken Girl by Ruth Behar

A book that is almost entirely told from the perspective of a young girl stuck in a full body cast for months upon months should be boring. I mean, the girl can’t move. She is bound to lay in her bed day-after-day. This book should not be a page turner, but add in the magic of Ruth Behar and her life story, and that is exactly what Lucky Broken Girl becomes. A real page-turner!

Lucky Broken Girl is based on the true story from the childhood of the author, Ruth Behar. A tragic car accident breaks Ruthie’s legs to a point that the only solution is a full body cast. As the only severely injured member of her family, Ruthie becomes confined to her bed. Months and months pass and Ruthie must find a way to survive as life goes on all around her. Through the mix of Ruthie’s driving personality and her spunky family of Cuban immigrants, Lucky Broken Girl finds her own way to put her pieces back together.

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