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Like Mother, Like Daughter....

This is my book-loving little girl. She is four years old, and she has been raised to love books. Reading is just what her and I do. The first book I ever read to her was in the hospital the day I met her. We read together every night as part of our bedtime routine. Her love of reading has genuinely stemmed from my love of reading. It is how I showed her I loved her from our first days together, and it is how I will show I love her for years to come.

Many people have asked me how I made Brooklyn love reading so much. I always tell them the truth. I love her, and I love reading. For me, they just fit together. We read together to show we love each other. We read together to extend our imaginations and learn about life. We read together to laugh, explore, and discuss life’s biggest questions. Simply… we read together. It is time, and it is love. Through this combination, she has learned that love will always be associated with reading, and reading will always be associated with love.

The result…this is my sweet girl on the day she brought home new book orders from her preschool. In true book loving fashion, she is enjoying her after school snack while circling all the books she is wishing for. I love that if you look closely at the last picture you can actually see her “oooohhhing” over the new book order books.

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