She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World has been receiving a ton of praise and accolades this year.  In my opinion, the recognition has been rightly earned. She Persisted is a simple book built around a great concept. It highlights the achievements of 13 amazing American women, and it emphasizes how each of these women were able to make huge contributions to the betterment of today’s world.

I love the design and layout of She Persisted. The layout is totally kid-friendly, and it highlights the achievements of each individual woman in a manner that will support the learning of any child that reads this book. I like how the design really helps children understand the key difference that each woman’s life was able to make.


The little details of the book were clearly important to author Chelsea Clinton as she was developing this book. My favorite detail that she included on each of the pages was a personalized quote from each of the women featured in this book. The quote was incredibly specific to how exactly the featured women were able to influence the world, and I thought it really added a powerful, and personal, detail to the text.

She Persisted Around the World is a follow-up companion to She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World. It identically picks up exactly where the first She Persisted book ended. But this time, instead of focusing on just American women who have changed the world, She Persisted Around the World focuses on how different international women have made huge impacts. If you loved the original She Persisted book, then you will not be let down by She Persisted Around the World.

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