Have you ever loved learning about something that people said you can't do well?  In the book, Shark Lady, this is exactly what happens to young Eugenie. This caught my attention because on one page Eugenie’s science teacher said nobody is brave or smart to learn about the ocean. The thought I have about this is that the author made Eugenie study and read books so much that she became the smartest kid in the entire school because she probably learned about tons of food that sharks eat and how much salt water they need and some measurements and much more in those shark books. In my opinion, the author did this because she wanted to show you that when you studied, you could accomplish your dreams, and it shows everyone that you are the best at the thing you love.


I see Eugenie as special. Eugenie is always trying her best. For example, when she was little she studied, studied and studied. This gave me the idea that when people are younger they play and do crazy stuff instead of going to the library to read. I believe that she is special because when she was older she went in the ocean and some people are scared of the ocean because of sharks but not Eugenie. The author did this because she wanted to tell us that Eugenie is brave and different than other people. She’s special!


Eugenie Clark is also fearless. From the first part of the story to the end of the story, she was never scared. On pages 6-9,  she went to the beach in Atlantic City, and she got all ready and divided until she could see all of the animals under the water. On pages 18-21, when she is older, she dives into the real ocean fearlessly. Then, a huge shark swims right in front of her. These are some reasons why that Eugenie is Fearless!


In my opinion, my favorite part of the story in, Shark Lady, is when Eugenie is young and she dives in the water and you can see all of the fish Eugenie is seeing. It is like you are in the Atlantic City Beach with her. I Like this part because it is not like normal books it is a special book.It does not just give you a picture of the top of the beach it shows you what she is seeing and how Eugenie is seeing it. I would recomend this book for 6-9 year olds

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