Teachers and parents are always in need of some great back-to-school books. One of my new favorites is Adam Rex’s picture book called School’s First Day of School.


The challenge with back-to-school books is that they can get pretty blah and repetitive. They all have the same plot. Students are starting a new school year and everyone is nervous. School’s First Day of School follows this same premise, but with an Adam Rex twist! The entire story is told from the perspective of the school, and the school is named “School!”


It’s just adorable!


School is a brand new school, and she is nervous to have the students arrive. She confides her nerves to her best friend the janitor. The janitor offers her some support and encouragement before she begins her new year.


In the beginning, School does not like the kids that have arrived at her school. They are noisy, and they make such a mess. But as children so often do, they slowly start to win over School. Through the love of one little, freckled-face girl, School’s heart beings to open up to those she shares her walls with.


In the end, School may just learn to be happy that she is a school.

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