In the text, The Sandwich Swap, the character Lily is judgemental. She judged Salma’s sandwich just by how it looked. Like on page 22, out of nowhere, she said to Salma that her sandwich looked yucky. As I say this, I’m realizing that Lily started the whole fight because she said something that was supposed to be kept to herself. The important thing about this is that Lily is the kind of person that doesn't care about others feelings and just wants to say what she wants. That is my point that I am trying to make is that Lily is a selfish and rude person. The reason the author wrote Lily like this is so that in the end she could change her trait.


In The Sandwich Swap, the author put something that happened in her life into a book. She taught a really good life lesson. This caught my attention because most picture books are just to entertain you. This book taught me to not judge a book by its cover and to try new things. If you read this, you will be taught something too. The thought I have about this is that the author wanted to make a difference in somebody’s life to tell them to get out of their comfort zone and try something new. To add on, I feel like the author gave us a big clue that something was going to go wrong because, in the beginning, everything was perfect. In my opinion, the author did this because she wanted the readers to know that friendship always has a twist to it.


Different cultures are beautiful. It is good to try new ones too. That is very important because the author wants kids to get out of what they are used to and do something different. To add on, kids and even adults could miss out on something that they could end up loving. It could be one chance in your life to do. But if your not open to new things, you could miss out on a lot.  Check out the book, The Sandwich Swap, to learn how one kid learned how to love everyone’s differences.

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